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Trading with Multiple Techniques: Candlesticks Moving Averages

The moving average is most efficient in trending markets One of the most popular tools used by technical analysts is the moving average. Its strength lies in the fact that it offers analysts a trend-following tool to catch major moves. The moving average is utilized most efficiently in trending markets. However, as moving averages are […]

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Trading with Multiple Techniques: Upthrusts & Springs

Markets tend to move sideways most of the time Most of the time markets are not in a trending mode but rather moving sideways. On such occasions, the market is in a relative state of harmony; neither the bulls nor the bears are in charge. Markets are estimated to be in a non-trending mode as […]

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Trading with Multiple Techniques: Candlesticks & Trend lines

In our last post we concluded our basic overview of Japanese Candlestick Charting with an explanation of the doji. Now let`s try to combine the Japanese approach with Western Technical Analysis methods. Support and Resistance Lines with Candlesticks One method of determining a trend is by using the most basic tool, the trendline. The first […]

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The Significance of the Number 3 in Technical Analysis

It is remarkable how often the number 3 shows up in technical analysis In many trading approaches, it plays such an important role. For example: some of the more commonly known reversal patterns, such as the triple top and the head and shoulders (see further), have 3 prominent peaks there are 3 different classifications of […]

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