trading strategy

A trading strategy is designed to achieve a profitable return, based on the calculations from the past.

Trading with Multiple Techniques: Candlesticks with Oscillators

moving averages

Oscillators in technical analysis include tools as the relative strength index, stochastics, and momentum The Relative Strength Index (RSI) compares price advances to price declines The RSI is a comparison of the relative strength of price advances to price declines over a specified time period. The most popular periods used are 9 and 14 days. […]

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More Technical Analysis Tools to Trade the Market

In our last article, we explained about trends, support and resistance levels and trendlines. An additional trendline technique makes use of channel lines. Drawing channel lines In an uptrend, first draw the basic up trendline along the lows as shown in the figure below (points 1, 3, 5). Then draw a dotted line parallel to […]

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Trend Movements in Trading HitBTC Cryptocurrencies

HitBTC¬†Trading Strategies In a previous post, we introduced the basics of trend analysis. Let us pick up where we left and provide more insight into trading techniques to help you become an experienced crypto coin trader. Trading Strategies: go long, go short and stay aside A trader can make 3 types of decisions in the […]

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Introductory Course on Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis tools to become a successful trader. People`s interest in cryptocurrencies is enormous these days. But investing in crypto coins is a risky business. Prices tend to go up and down in a short time frame, so for anybody who wants to step into this highly volatile market, it is best to rule out […]

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