chart patterns

A price pattern is a recognizable configuration of price movement that is identified using a series of trend-lines and/or curves.

Continuation Patterns in Western Technical Analysis

Continuation patterns take a shorter time to build Many continuation patterns imply a time of rest before the market resumes its prior trend. In other words, these patterns indicate that the sideways price movement on the chart is just a pause in the prior trend and the next movement will be the continuation of the […]

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The Significance of the Number 3 in Technical Analysis

It is remarkable how often the number 3 shows up in technical analysis In many trading approaches, it plays such an important role. For example: some of the more commonly known reversal patterns, such as the triple top and the head and shoulders (see further), have 3 prominent peaks there are 3 different classifications of […]

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Introductory Course on Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis tools to become a successful trader. People`s interest in cryptocurrencies is enormous these days. But investing in crypto coins is a risky business. Prices tend to go up and down in a short time frame, so for anybody who wants to step into this highly volatile market, it is best to rule out […]

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