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Register AU Domain and Hosting with Crazy Domains

Register AU domain and hosting with Crazy Domains and get a complete website hosting solution for your online projects. Because for some website projects it not only comes down to creating good quality content and building an online audience. It is also about finding the most suitable domain registration and web hosting provider with the best customer service.

Some website hosting providers might be cheaper at first glance, until you look deeper into the details of service included You will soon find out that most hosting providers are willing to give you real expertise and service only when you pay extra for it. Crazy Domains can be considered an exception in the website hosting world, because of a few obvious differences.

Crazy Domains hosting plans are clear.

The great thing is that Crazy Domains offers a broad basic support and website hosting features, without charging a lot for the much needed extras like securing your website, and eventually promoting your content. The offered website hosting packages are clear in description and expectation of what you will get. The process to register a domain for Australia is easy.

register au domain,hosting,crazy domains, Register AU Domain and Hosting with Crazy Domains, Company Web Solutions, Company Web Solutions

Register AU domain or any other extension.

Although Crazy Domains is a pure Australian website hosting and domain name registration company, you can register a domain with any extension. But it has to be mentioned that they are probably the cheapest domain name registrars you can find for the entire Australian market. For sure when it comes down to the included level of support service, as Crazy Domains has a very good reputation in this.

And if you are located in Australia or targeting customers from Australia, it only makes sense to select a domain hosting provider there. Because even with today’s Cloudflare solutions to mirror your site all over the world, nothing works faster in web hosting than keeping the main website server near to your targeted customers. It is not about how fast your server on location is in that case, rather how fast of an internet connection your targeted customers have on their location in a certain part of Australia.

Crazy Domains offers fast servers around the world.

You can use Crazy Domains for websites targeting customers online around the world. So for Australian companies looking to target customers in Europe, USA, Singapore and Hong Kong, there are individually located servers available too. The physical location of the servers that support your website and email traffic plays an important role in ensuring proper online performance of your website. When milliseconds can make the difference between satisfied customers and people who instantly close their browser windows, you want to make sure that you’re getting every advantage from your hosting provider that you can.

register au domain,hosting,crazy domains, Register AU Domain and Hosting with Crazy Domains, Company Web Solutions, Company Web Solutions

Registering a new domain and hosting account is easy with Crazy Domains.

Even if you are just registering a domain name or intending to setup a complete website, Crazy Domains offers you the right tools to do this fast and easy. With direct access to your Cpanel and a lot of extra features when starting a new website project. Can you ask for more than this? It actually allows you to start your own website and deliver a professional result without the need for a web developer! 

If you really don’t know how to start making your own or corporate website, there is always the option to let the Crazy Domains team do all the work for you. For a reasonable price they will setup your site and mail accounts according to the the information and media files that you share with them. It is and ideal and fast, professional way to get your website online fast.

Get your online marketing done with Crazy Domains.

This is a service that not many web domain hosting providers offer to their customers. Everyone who built a website before knows that after going online, the hardest part is attracting visitors to your site. This can be a painfully long process of manual submissions to directories and search engines, and even then often involves separate payments for those search engines or directories.

Crazy Domains takes this time consuming task out of your hands in a professional way, ensuring noticeable results in no time. If you want to be found in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines, this is a must have for everyone who just launched their new website. Especially for Australian based or targeted website we could recommend the Australian business directory submission service, which will give you targeted traffic from where your business operates in. It will save you or your team a lot of time doing it manually, and effectively!

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