Japanese Candlestick Charting – Stars as Reversal Patterns

Stars form another group of significant reversal patterns A star is a small real body that gaps away from the preceding large real body. It is still considered a star as long as the star‘s real body does not overlap the prior real body. The color of the star is unimportant. They can occur at […]

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Japanese Candlestick Charting: Major Reversal Patterns

Dark-cloud cover as a top reversal Last time we described major reversal patterns like hammer, hanging man, and engulfing pattern. In this post, we will present some more patterns which are also considered to be important reversal signals. This is another 2 candlestick pattern which forms a top reversal after an uptrend. The first day […]

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Japanese Candlestick Charting: Major Reversal Patterns 1

In the previous post, we introduced the concept of reversal patterns. Using the Japanese candlestick charting technique, let`s look deeper into several major reversal patterns. Hammer and hanging man lines Depending on where they appear in a trend, these can be bullish or bearish. When either one of these lines occurs in a downtrend, they […]

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Trading with Japanese Candlestick Charts – Introduction

Candlestick names and market emotion Japanese candlestick charts use descriptive names This makes it a lot easier to figure out if a pattern is either bullish or bearish. Actually, the candlestick names describe the emotional health of the market at the time these patterns are formed. Expressions like `hanging man` or `dark cloud cover` leave […]

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More Technical Analysis Tools to Trade the Market

In our last article, we explained about trends, support and resistance levels and trendlines. An additional trendline technique makes use of channel lines. Drawing channel lines In an uptrend, first draw the basic up trendline along the lows as shown in the figure below (points 1, 3, 5). Then draw a dotted line parallel to […]

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Trend Movements in Trading HitBTC Cryptocurrencies

HitBTC Trading Strategies In a previous post, we introduced the basics of trend analysis. Let us pick up where we left and provide more insight into trading techniques to help you become an experienced crypto coin trader. Trading Strategies: go long, go short and stay aside A trader can make 3 types of decisions in the […]

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Introductory Course on Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis tools to become a successful trader. People`s interest in cryptocurrencies is enormous these days. But investing in crypto coins is a risky business. Prices tend to go up and down in a short time frame, so for anybody who wants to step into this highly volatile market, it is best to rule out […]

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Cryptotab Review 1: Mining Bitcoin without hardware

Use Google Chrome and Cryptotab to mine Bitcoin without any hardware! Click the below picture to start mining immediately if you want to skip the Cryptotab review content below. Or read my second Cryptotab review with results from mining after 1 year. Does it actually work or not? And will I get paid or is […]

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Mine BTC, LTC, Dash without hardware: CoinPot Review


CoinPot Really works and does pay out – See some results here! Many people try to mine cryptocurrency without hardware, and browser mining is possible really. The only problem is the number of scammers around that use the power of your pc beyond your control. In that case, you end up mining for someone else […]

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