How to setup your website in 5 easy steps

Start your own website and grow it into a successful project.

When you want to make a website, a lot of things need to be decided. You know already the reason for making you own website. Getting an online presence can not only boost your sales of products, but also it can improve customers’ trust in you or your company. So it is obvious that whatever website you make, it needs to present your service or products in the best possible way. Many people think only an expensive marketing or web development company can bring you the success of sales on your website. But in fact this doesn’t need to be true. In this post we will explain you from the start every step you need to take to start your own website and make it a successful project.

A hosted website from Shopify or manage your website by yourself?

A hosted website is a website that is offered as a complete hosting package to you with templates and server hosting. A good and reliable example of this is Shopify. It is a great solution for people who want to move fast and create a site with most functionality included in the package, such as payment methods and discount features.  Shopify offers a great selection of templates and custom settings to create the right design for your project. Customer service is also very good and response is within reasonable times. The main difference is the limitation of customization when it comes down to details and less known integrations of features.

A self hosted website is a site that you build yourself, and it resides on your own server or in most cases a host service from a provider like Crazy Domains, Siteground. This allows you to make all the decisions and customize everything into detail. It requires a bit more experience in the way your preferred content manager works, but in return you get access to options that many hosted website solutions simply don’t offer.

Decide on the web hosting company you want to use

This is a very important step in setting up your website. After all, you will need to use their services for a long time, so it better be a good hosting service with a decent customer service. But does that mean it is expensive to start your own website?

Register your domain name with the same provider as your hosting

You can register a domain name separate from your web hosting provider, and in some cases you will be forced to do so if they web site host provider doesn’t have the domain name country extension that you require. But in general we would recommend to register your domain at the same provider you host the site on. This saves a lot of time in case there are any issues in DNS settings or in general when you need some help from the customer service. So unless you own a portfolio of domain names, keep it all simple and fast.

Hosting services don’t need to be expensive, and you can expand in the future

Most people don’t know how much visitors they will be expecting on their new site. Sometimes it will take some more time after registration before you really go live with the site. It is also important to set clear and realistic expectations. If your product is a product in a niche market, you probably don’t need to have the same budget as a fashion design brand. The fact is that even the cheapest and smallest website can have high scores in visitors and sales. It all depends on your content and what you do to promote your content afterwards.

So for starters, and projects that will expand over time, we advise to get a startup account:

Siteground US/Europe/Asia
Crazydomains Australia

All these web hosting companies have a customer support service available and offer low budget web and cloud hosting with the minimum requirements to start your own website. You can always upgrade at a later stage at no extra cost. Depending the season each hosting company has special web site hosting promotions, so do compare them before making your decision. Changing to another web hosting company later is still possible, but requires a bit of work. So decide well on your choice of web hosting company and trust on our selection.



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