Cryptotab Review 1: Mining Bitcoin without hardware

Cryptotab Review 1: Mining Bitcoin without hardware

Use Google Chrome and Cryptotab to mine Bitcoin without any hardware!

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Does it actually work or not? And will I get paid or is it a scam? Read more below:

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In order to mine Bitcoin cryptocurrency, you will need dedicated miners which cost a lot of money. Many people in the world would still never make a profit because of the local electricity cost. But if you have a few computers or notebooks running anyway, you could actually make a bit of money.

The problem with a lot of these applications is that they not only use your computer power on the promise you will make some money, but when it comes down to paying, it rarely works out right. Quite a few are simply a scam and can probably endanger your computer at the same time.

With Crptotab you can mine Bitcoin from your mobile, notebook or tab.

With the introduction of Cryptotab I was curious enough to try this besides the other things that I have reviewed during the starting years of cryptocurrency. I kind of stopped trying most of the so called free cryptocurrency mining websites after a few weeks because it seemed so hopelessly slow and required a lot of time to keep it going without any noticeable progress. Or other mining software would freeze your computer and slow it down even when you were just starting up your computer to do your daily routine.

Obviously this was not what I had in mind when thinking of starting to mine for cyptocurrency without dedicated mining hardware. If some software will claim all the resources you have available, then what’s the difference with having a dedicated miner? Exactly, there is no difference besides less profit. On top of that with most of these free mining solutions, I didn’t get paid unless investing Bitcoin first.

With Cryptotab things became quite different. It doesn’t take any time to do it neither does it take time to continue doing it. All you have to do is get the Google extension and install. From that moment your computer or even your phone will generate some Bitcoins. How much depends on the power of your computer. But don’t worry about things slowing down. It won’t eat all your available resources.

Mining Bitcoin while looking at Youtube or a movie on Netflix…

You can still see Youtube or Netflix without any interruptions. You can still do your work the same as ever, your computer will not turn into a slow unresponsive monster. Most cloud or browser mining applications that I tested before really drain energy and speed out of my computer, and most of it you will not see converted to Bitcoin. But with Cryptotab it seems to be running smoothly from the start, even with smaller computers or phones. They didn’t get as warm as other applications did before.

How to start mining with Cryptotab on Google Chrome?

Click on the image to start installing the Cryptotab Google Chrome extension:

Cryptotab Review 1: Mining Bitcoin without hardware 1

Share the fun and make even more Bitcoins together with your friends!

Invite your friends to join Cryptotab, and you will earn a percentage from their mining efforts. You can follow the proceedings on your dashboard instantly, so it is stimulating to see your campaign results immediately. I managed to build up my referrals by setting up a small advertising campaign at the time when Cryptotab was promoting their software, and many users still keep mining up to today.

The great thing about the rewards program is that you still get a part of the profit that others are mining for you up to ten levels deep. There is a calculator available that calculates the amount of profit you can make depending on the amount of (active) users you have. Only the future will tell if this calculator actually represents these profits, but that also depends on how the price of Bitcoin itself grows or not!

My opinion: Is Cryptotab a Bitcoin mining scam or not?

In my opinion, the future will only tell if this is a mining scam or not. So far all my payments have come through to my BTC account, but at this point it is only about a few dollars per month. What if my profits grow to numbers above the thousands? Well my advice would always be to transfer your profits in time to your (hardware) BTC wallet. At least from that moment on it is on your account and in your hands.


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