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How to buy & trade Bitcoin in Thailand

BXinTH Thailand BTC Exchange positives and negatives review.

With changing rules in Bitcoin trading globally, it is important to select a good Bitcoin trading platform. Not only for security reasons but more importantly for the security that you will have access to your account at any time. The surety also that you always can collect your Bitcoins and convert back to cash on your account.

BX Thailand is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in Thailand. Although it is considered to be for locals officially, it also allows people living in Thailand to register an account and start trading in Bitcoins or the many available other digital coins. There is no margin trading option, but besides that BX Thailand offers extra features that will make your trading more fun.

Free wallet and low trading fees combined with high security.

Once you registered your account and decided you want to buy Bitcoin, the process is quite easy. The transfer procedure is secure as you have 2-factor authorization (with Google Authorization app) and your money is being transferred to a BX Thailand bank account. What we appreciate a lot about BXinTH Thailand is that the presentation of the pricing and fees structure is very transparent, as this is a very important element for every Bitcoin exchange.

BX Thailand doesn’t really charge deposit fees unless its very small deposit amounts. You pay fees for withdrawals but they are very competitive compared to what other Bitcoin exchanges charge in general. Bitcoin withdrawals are charged 0.0005 BTC.

thailand, How to buy & trade Bitcoin in Thailand, Company Web Solutions
You can transfer from any Thai bank account to the bank account of Thailand Bitcoin Ltd after you completed the verification procedure and added your bank account to the settings. Once you have sent money, it takes only 30 minutes usually before the money is on your BX Thailand account. You will see the balance in Thai Baht currency, enabling you to start buying Bitcoins. The purchase of Bitcoin is also fast and easy to complete.

Leave your Bitcoin balance for the longer term, or trade shorter term.

Once you have an amount of Bitcoin in your balance, you can decide to sit and wait for the price to come up over time. But the real profits are to be made by trading between i.e. Litecoin, DOGEcoin, Zcash, Monero, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and many other digital currencies. It is a constantly changing market so you have to spend a bit more time to learn how they will develop in the future. Many digital coins have been profiting from the high price of Bitcoin, and will likely only stabilize in the future if they really have a purpose.

thailand, How to buy & trade Bitcoin in Thailand, Company Web Solutions


Use your Bitcoin balance to start trading more digital coins.

This Bitcoin trading exchange offers detailed advanced charts and you can choose between two trading interfaces from dark to light, which seems to be more simple. As indicators, you can use Bolinger Bands, Advance Decline Ratio, Average Directional Index and much much more.

thailand, How to buy & trade Bitcoin in Thailand, Company Web Solutions

Great Bitcoin trading platform with detailed charts and indicators.

Besides being a trading exchange BX Thailand offers a free wallet and a few extra features. You can top-up your mobile phone or someone else’s phone with the Thai Baht balance on your account. You can even pay your electric bills from the profit you make on trading by selling the Bitcoins back to Thai Baht. The procedure is very straightforward and usually only takes a few minutes to complete. We tried this on multiple occasions and it always worked without any issue. The fees for transactions are low and that makes BX Thailand a good financial tool to have in general for everyone staying in Thailand.

thailand, How to buy & trade Bitcoin in Thailand, Company Web Solutions







Pay your electric bills in Thailand with Bitcoin, or top up your mobile!

The most important thing about trading is eventually taking your profit and converting it to cash money in your pocket (or bank account). The procedure to do this is clear and short: you sell your Bitcoins or any other digital currencies, and you will see the converted amount appear in Thai Baht on your BX Thailand account.

From there (if you already did the verification of your bank account) you can easily transfer your balance to your Thai bank account. After confirming a mail link, your transaction will be processed and this takes about 30 minutes up to 1 hour. You will always get a confirmation mail upon completing a transaction and you can always check your trading and deposits history.

thailand, How to buy & trade Bitcoin in Thailand, Company Web Solutions

Sell your Bitcoins to Thai Baht and transfer back to Thai Bank account.

We have done many transactions with BX Thailand to trade in Bitcoin. Both ways we managed to send Thai Baht and buy Bitcoin. We were able to trade between other digital currencies and convert it back to Bitcoin. The transfer back to our Thai bank account worked without any issues. From our experience, we can say that BX Thailand is a safe and secure way to start trading in Bitcoin or any other digital currencies.

Conclusion: BX Thailand is a proven trustworthy Bitcoin Exchange.

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