forex trading, FBS is legit for all Forex trading, Company Web Solutions

FBS is legit for all Forex trading

FBS legit Forex trading? Have you ever thought of Forex trading, but didn’t know where to start? This is your chance to start learning with a Forex trading broker that actually wants you to be successful. And to make it even better: This Forex trading broker offers you free get 50$ USD to start Forex trading when you open a trader account. But before we move to fast, let’s explain a few things first…

Legit Forex Brokers Is What We Need…

forex trading, FBS is legit for all Forex trading, Company Web Solutions

What is FBS and why do you need it to start Forex trading?

Before you can start Forex trading, you will need a broker. Searching for the ideal Forex broker can be quite challenging, as there are so many Forex brokers to choose from. As with any form of speculative investment it is required to do some research before selecting the best for your requirements.

FBS is an international Forex broker with more than 190 countries of presence. … To provide the best customer experience FBS organizes seminars and special events, offering its clients training materials, cutting-edge Forex trading technologies and the latest strategies on the Forex markets.

FBS started in the world of Forex back in 2009, so can be considered well-established in the Forex trading world.

  • FBS is a trading name of FBS Markets Inc (registration number 119717), Parallax Incorporated (VC0100), Tradestone Limited (353534).
  • There are offices in a number of significant Asian countries, including China, and cities like Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. However, we should mention that FBS does not accept customers from the USA, Cyprus, Belize, and Russia.
  • FBS is an STP and ECN Forex broker and has won some prestigious awards, including some issued by the World Finance Foreign Exchange Awards.
  • FBS is regulated as a Forex trader by IFSC and CySec:
    Regulation: IFSC; License IFSC/60/230/TS/17, No.1 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan, Belize, C.A.
    CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), License Number: 331/17.
    This has given them an enviable reputation as it means they comply with the agencies strong regulations, as well as benefit from increased security measures with regards personal data protection. There is also the promise of speedy and smooth financial transactions.
  • FBS has a great website, with heaps of useful information. Customer service is excellent, with communication possible via email, phone calls, live chat, Facebook messenger, Telegram and WeChat. A number of different languages are supported, including Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, and of course English.

forex trading, FBS is legit for all Forex trading, Company Web Solutions

How can I open FBS account to start Forex trading immediately?

1. Visit the website.
2. Click the “Open an account” button in the top right corner of the website. You’ll need to go through the registration procedure and get a personal area.

You can register via a social network or enter the data required for account registration manually.

Get your bonus 100% on deposit Cent and Micro accounts now!

Besides the 50$ USD you get upon opening your new account at FBS, you can get a 100% deposit bonus for every deposit you make to your FBS account! This has helped me a lot to learn more about Forex trading from making my own mistakes, but paying less for the damage. After all, Forex markets can move very unpredictable and this at least covers a bit of the damage when you made the common Forex trading mistake of deciding too early or too late on your Forex trade.

Start with a demo trading account on FBS to learn how Forex works.

We absolutely have to mention that FBS offers a demo account, which is a good and safe way to start your Forex career. Trading under live market conditions, but using only your virtual money. It offers you plenty of chances to educate yourself more about Forex trading, and test out different strategies. We strongly recommend you start with a demo Forex trading account first!

FBS offers a range of different Forex trading accounts according to your needs:

  • Open a Cent account – This is ideal for Forex beginners as it allows traders to gain real experience, but at minimal risk. The minimum deposit is only $1, and leverage is 1:1000. Minimum order volume is 0.01, and floating spreads start at 1 pip. As a Forex beginner it is also useful to be able to use any robots and strategies, without restriction.
  • Open a Micro account – With a micro account, Forex traders can experience the advantages of fixed spreads and STP trading. There is also leverage of 1:3000 and spreads fixed at 3 pips.
  • Open a Standard account – Once traders have passed the beginners stage they can move onto a standard account. Which is better suited for traders with a little more experience, and those who are ready to test out their strategies. This accounts focus is mainly on improving profits, and reducing risk, with the introduction of reduced floating spreads. Minimum deposit is $100, and leverage is 1:3000.
  • Open a Zero spread account – The minimum deposit for this account is $500, which makes it an option for the more serious trader. As the name implies, trades can be executed with no spread, which means a trader can get more familiar with market conditions, and how they affect trades. Many professional traders find this account very useful. A commission is charged of $20 per lot.
  • Open a Unlimited account – This is a little different than the other accounts, as it is an STP account. It is the option that most resembles trading conditions in the Forex market. Minimum deposit is $500, and the floating spread starts at 0.2 pip. There are no restrictions on open positions and pending orders, so traders have freedom to trade as they please.
  • Open a ECN account – Minimum deposit of $1000 with a floating spread from 1 pip with a leverage up to 1:500.

forex trading, FBS is legit for all Forex trading, Company Web Solutions

Which trading platform should you use with FBS?

You will need to work with the universal Forex trading software that connects with the life feed from FBS before you can start trading. FBS offers Meta Trader 4 & 5. These differentiate only a bit in graphic style, and have the same functionality. One is only a newer update from the other and it doesn’t really matter which version you select to start trading. You can download both from the FBS site, and connect with your live or demo account created on FBS. FBS will share the login codes with you when you create your account. Once you have done this, you are ready to trade Forex!

My experience in Forex trading with FBS.

As mentioned at the start of this post, finding the right Forex broker can be either a painful or a good experience. Some brokers require a lot of identification procedures before you can start Forex trading on your account. But in the end, it is probably better to follow the required identification procedures, as they are part of protecting your account too.

Registering a new account with FBS was easy and not painful at all to be honest. It took only a simple registration to start working with my demo account, which gave me a good start as a beginner in Forex trading. The next very best to mention is that FBS also offers a lot of trading information and actual Forex training to become a responsible Forex trader. This allows you to profit from other traders’ experience and not make the same mistakes hopefully.

Help is there when you really need it

FBS is a Forex broker that really spends the effort to service trading customers. The customer support is fast responsive and really helpful in answering all your questions regarding your Forex account. This is exactly what you need when you start Forex trading for real. After all, when you begin with Forex trading, there will be situations when you want to ask someone some questions. At least it is good to know there is an adequate follow up on your questions and issues. This makes FBS a solid, reliable Forex broker to start your Forex trading!

forex trading, FBS is legit for all Forex trading, Company Web Solutions

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