Nord VPN is a Very Convincing VPN Solution

Stay anonymous when surfing the world wide web.

Nord VPN solution works. There are several reasons why you would like to stay anonymous when surfing the world wide web.  Some countries block certain websites or social media. Some streaming platforms offer more content in different parts of the world. In other cases, some internet services are only available to specific countries.  So even when you are doing something online which no unlawful intentions at all, sometimes you want to stay out of sight of your Internet Service Provider. This is when a Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solution comes in the picture. By using a VPN connection internet users can protect their online identity and surpass censorship and geo-restrictions.

Nord VPN is a Very Convincing VPN Solution 1

A VPN tunnel creates a secure internet connection.

Basically, the VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocol was developed to allow remote users to send and receive data across the internet as if they were directly connected to their private network.

For instance, employees in remote offices could connect to the head office in another part of the world. A VPN tunnel pushes and retrieves data over the internet securely to and from remote applications and resources.

Nord VPN Paid solution provides more functionality.

When searching the internet for a VPN solution, you will find a rather extended range of products on offer. Some VPN programs are free, but they usually have limitations; in bandwidth (daily or monthly), in available server locations, or in security protocols being used. A paid VPN package will always provide more functionality.

Nord VPN solutions

After testing several paid VPN solutions, we found NordVPN to be the most appealing, both in functionality as in pricing. First-time users, as well as more experienced security aware surfers, will find this program to satisfy their online protection needs.

Easy to create your Nord VPN connection.

When you start the program a simple world map allows you to select a country to establish a VPN connection. Over 3ooo servers in approximately 60 countries are covered. In the background, behind almost every listed country, NordVPN will automatically pick one of the available servers to connect to. Once the connection has been made and your IP address has been resolved, you are ready to surf anonymously on the net. Disconnecting is done as easily, just click the green icon on top of the program`s screen.

Instead of selecting a country from the world map, there is the option to manually pick a country and even choose from the list of available servers. This is done in the Countries menu, where you can even save your own favorite connections.

Nord VPN supports all major operating systems

With 1 license you can use NordVPN on up to 6 devices. So it comes in very handy that all major operating systems and platforms are supported: Windows, OS X, iOS, Linux. Android as well as RaspberryPi. For most platforms, the installation comes down to a simple setup of the software or app, but the more exotic systems like RaspberryPi will require some manual configuration. The Support section on their website contains detailed walkthroughs per operating system.

Nord VPN solutionTechnical specifications of the VPN program

Let us have a closer look at the more technical specifications of the VPN program. Apart from the 3 standard security protocols – OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2PT, NordVPN also offers Onion over VPN and proxy server functionality. Even gamers will gladly hear that NordVPN is P2P friendly. More than 150 streaming services are surpassed. Malicious websites and intrusive ads can be dealt with easily by enabling extra security features like CyberSec and Auto Kill.

Strong Encryption and No Logs Policy

Your online security and privacy are guaranteed when using NordVPN, as they apply the strongest (military-grade) AES-256 encryption and their strict No Logs Policy. None of your browser history or private data is monitored or shared to 3rd parties. Your anonymity is assured.

Good results in speed tests

Whenever you use a VPN service, there is always some speed loss when browsing the internet. So in choosing a VPN solution, you want to make sure you can still access the internet without too much of a dropdown in speed. For instance, when streaming services. your browsing experience should work smoothly. Speed tests showed that NordVPN approximately loses 25% in speed, which is quite a good performance compared to other VPN solutions.

Affordable pricing plans

Nord VPN deal

Taking the high-quality services into account, NordVPN offers great value for your money. Apart from the Monthly pricing plan, which is rather high, the real value comes when committing for a longer time period. The longer you pay upfront, the cheaper the monthly cost will be:

  • a 2-year plan will come down to a cost of $3.99 per month
  • a 1-year plan breaks down to a monthly cost of $6.99
  • and the 6-month plan will cost $9.00 every month

All of these year and month-plans are billed upfront. There is also a 30 money-back guarantee. Payment options include Credit Cards, PayPal, Alipay, WebMoney, even Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

And remember, a purchased license allows you to use NordVPN on 6 devices simultaneously.

Concluding: if for some reason you need to use a VPN solution, NordVPN offers a high-quality program, with strong encryption, and many extra security features, for a very affordable price.

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